Titul v originále: Priatelky

Žánr: hra
Překladatel: Eva Profousová
Jazyk: němčina
Postavy: muži 1 ženy 2

Pavol Weiss

A play in two acts
1 man, 2 women

Two women meet in a city flat: both middle aged, around forty, one of them is married and already used to the monotonous home work and the stale love relationship, the other is single, constantly changing partners but trying to find both security and “peace at home”. The desperate efforts to find happiness and love is the thing they have in common. Their common past and common love experience separate both protagonists; the conflict is exacerbated by first woman’s husband – a model of a successful manager trying unsuccessfully to hide his love affairs. Marriage and adultery, both women’s life-long “friendship”, loneliness and pain are the main ingredients of this play with its unusual perspective of love relationships and friendship among today’s “higher society”. The author depicts complicated inner states of his female protagonists with sensitivity, detachment and fine – although sometimes quite rough – humour, offering mature actresses exceptional acting challenge and opportunity.
The world premiere took place on March 2, 2006 at the Astorka KORZO ´90 Theatre in Bratislava. The play was directed by Roman Polák.

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