Titul v originále: Vejce

Žánr: komedie
Jazyk: slovinština
Postavy: muži 3 ženy 2

Petr Kolečko


3 m, 2 f

The play is a comedy with a darker tones of existentialism questioning the meaning of life, ones responsibility to the rest of the society and loved ones.

Karel invented the miraculous vaccine for cancer, which could now be cured just like a simple flu. We find Karel while receiving The Nobel Prize and giving a movingly honest and humble speech. The idyllic situation ends when Karel comes back home and instead of a nice chit chat with his beautiful wife he is forced to help his neighbour to get rid of a strange naked man refusing to leave her flower garden. Since then everything changes. The naked man gets everybody involved in his kind of extreme philosophical view of the world and Karel is being dragged by the upcoming situations all over the place. Even the USA’s president shows up, the marriage almost ends and what started as a dream ends as a disaster. Or does it?

The play was originally written for the historical building of Vinohrady Theatre, but was premiered at experimental scene of NoD Theatre in Prague in October 2011.

The play is available in Slovene translation.

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