Titul v originále: Vzkříšení

Žánr: komedie
Překladatel: Michal Zahálka
Jazyk: angličtina
Postavy: muži 5 ženy 3

Daniel Doubt (Czech Republic)


5 m, 3 f

dark comedy

“I’m forty and for the first time I feel there is a sense to life!“

“I don’t want to ruin your pleasure, but from a psychiatrist’s point of view it seems rather scary.“

Samuel Goldwyn was once again refused a book in the publishing house. Even though he writes now just about squirrels. Director Bishop would rather publish something from Andrew Maxwell, who is unfortunately currently going through a creator’s crisis – because he is unhappily in love with his editor Annie and can’t write a word. Unfortunately, Annie is in love with Bishop, who loves only books. Their doorman is also unhappily in love but unfortunately not with his neighbor, who crazy in love follows him everywhere. This group of love-life-losers could no longer seek help at their psychologist, who is also desperately in love.
The play, where every character is completely sucking in love, is filled with many bizarre paradoxes, verbal and situational humor, and entertaining funny but vivid characters. The play but also brings to attention more fundamental human themes - from the existence of God to the search for the meaning of life.
The play was written for the Dejvické Theatre in Prague, where it had its world premiere in 2016.

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