Titul v originále: Pastička

Žánr: hra
Překladatel: Katica Ivanković
Jazyk: chorvatština
Postavy: muži 3 ženy 3


/ 3 women, 3 men

The names of the main characters, two sisters, Anna and Nenée - representing the Czech expressions for yes ("ano") and no ("ne") - are heads and tails, ego and alter-ego, antipodes dependent on one another. They are looking for a lost dog in forest. They meet a Young Man with a rifle. Anna, when they are alone for a while, gets involved with him. Nenée then drives Anna away and "seduces" the Young Man: she makes him shoot the dog that Anna loves. The Young Man, who looked like a huntsman but was not really one, is driven away by the sisters. Scenes with Father are inserted into this girlish, hunting woodland ballad. He is also "loved" by his daughters. The girls are in childlike innocence - but only "as if" - playing about his death. The text comprises in a distinctive form all the basic emotions of women's existence, but does not drown in them.

In the strong, robust abbreviation of scenes, situations and language - which metaphorically elevates contemporary slang /.../, the author records as it were primary states. It explores shades of love, tenderness, rage, jealousy, lechery, hate and perversity. (Kristina Žantovská, Svět a divadlo)

The author's characters dance on the edge between specificity of character and a fairy-tale archetypal quality. And their journey through the dark forest is a therapeutic excursion in search of maturity, which however consists of confirmation of all-permeating nothingness. (Jitka Sloupová: Groteska z temnot hvozdu, Týden, 6. 4. 1999)

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